Comcast's Angelakis: Wi-Fi tech needs to evolve before fancy new products are launched

A week after Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) executives insisted that it's "premature" to discuss new products and services that leverage the company's burgeoning Wi-Fi network, Comcast vice chairman and CFO Peter Angelakis hammered home the point Tuesday.

"You should expect that we do understand the value of our Wi-Fi network," he said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in New York. "But the technology needs to develop a bit more before we'll have a product that is a value proposition. It's premature to say, 'This is how we see the roadmap going forward.'"

Addressing a wide range of issues, Angelakis also said he hopes that Congress intervenes on the FCC's newly passed net neutrality legislation, which he termed "disappointing."

He added, "We think there really are alternatives. Hope really is that ultimately the uncertainty will create a legislative solution. I think that would be a nice outcome and an appropriate outcome given all the constituencies that are involved."

Angelakis said that despite the growing discrepancy in its relative stock price, and the huge public opposition to the merger, Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) remains as "an attractive an asset as the day we signed the deal."

On the subject of Comcast's well-noted customer service problems, he said Comcast is looking for "transformational not incremental progress" as it looks to revamp its reputation under customer service czar Charlie Herrin.

"If 12 months from (now) we haven't achieved some of our goals, I'll be really disappointed," Angelakis said.

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