Comcast's Burke gets $10-plus million raise

Here's a bit of news Comcast probably didn't want reported as it was sending out higher cable and data bills to millions of subscribers. The Hollywood Reporter says COO Stephen Burke got a $10-plus million raise in 2009 from his $22.6 million pittance in 2008 to nearly $34 million. Burke ended up making more than chairman-CEO Brian Roberts, whose pay only went up $1 million, from $26.2 million to $27.2 million.

Not to be left out, CFO Michael Angelakis also enjoyed the bounty of working for Comcast as his pay climbed to $21.6 million from $14.5 million. Burke has been tapped to run NBC Universal if Comcast wins the right to acquire the broadcast-entertainment conglomerate. Angelakis was instrumental in bringing the deal together.

Meanwhile, in other Comcast news, attorneys for the city-run San Bruno Cable TV system have filed a complaint with the FCC saying that rate increases for programs the MSO sells the city were excessive and intended to squelch competition. It wants the FCC to force Comcast to roll back the increases. San Bruno buys programs wholesale from Comcast and distributes them to about 9,000 customers in the city.

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