Comcast’s Effectv launches ad creative services

Mnemonic is being run by Joe Alesi, executive creative director, who was hired in 2018 by Effectv to develop its creative services offering. (Comcast)

Effectv (formerly Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable) is launching Mnemonic, a full-service creative agency and a self-service creative portal through Effectv Ad Planner.

Effectv already works with local advertisers to plan, buy and execute television and digital video campaigns in their markets. Now it’s adding a creative agency to the mix. For self-service customers, the option to create spots using their videos, photography and logos could lower the barrier to entry into TV advertising.

“Making television advertising as easy-to-use as possible, and as impactful as possible, is a goal of Effectv. In fact, it’s become an increasingly important focus for the industry overall as the viewing landscape continues to change,” said Brendan Condon, chief revenue officer at Effectv, in a statement. “We’re already using our insights to develop smart media strategies for clients. Now we’re putting them to work in our creative strategies. Increasingly, as television becomes more data-driven and addressable, the two must go hand-in-hand.”

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Mnemonic is being run by Joe Alesi, executive creative director, who was hired in 2018 by Effectv to develop its creative services offering. The service will focus on the development of linear TV and digital video advertising campaigns for Effectv clients.

“Mnemonic’s goal, as its name suggests, is to help its advertisers tell memorable brand stories in today’s complex media environment with the support of a best-in-class creative team,” said Alesi in a statement. “Mnemonic is in a position to help advertisers uncover the consumer insights that are at the heart of any good creative campaign,” he continued. “When we meet with a client, if we can tell them something new that they didn’t realize about their business or their customers, that’s often the starting point for a creative strategy that can set them apart from competitors and truly move the business forward.”

Alesi is also overseeing the creative component of Effectv Ad Planner, a self-service TV buying option launched in July, including the addition of a new creative portal. Customers choose the desired buying parameters of their TV campaign and from there, they can upload logos, photos, videos and create a voiceover for commercials.

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