Comcast's latest X1 upgrades: movie bundles, SAP tags, easier toggling for sports fans

Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) has announced its latest upgrades to its ever-morphing X1 platform.

Touting the new features in a Monday blog post, the MSO is now bundling digital movie sales, a practice that is already common on other electronic sell-through (EST) platforms like Vudu.

X1's EST service will now bundle like-minded films together--movie series like Despicable Me, Harry Potter or the Hunger Games are listed examples.

All movie and TV titles will now have Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) indicators, and Common Sense Media ratings for worried parents--a setting that had to be enabled previously--is now default.

Finally, X1 now makes it easier for sports fans toggling between games to go back and forth.

"We've updated the "Last 9" view to include the sports subtitle--which lists the two teams that are playing against each other (e.g. East Carolina at Virginia Tech)--to make it easier to quickly navigate back and forth between the games you want to be tuning into," explains Peter Nush, executive director, product management for Comcast Cable, in the post.

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