Comcast's portable DVR box

The US market is, of course, the key frontier for vendors and channel deliverers jostling for control of the lounge room, with the dominant cable and satellite companies signaling they are not going to surrender without a fight.

Comcast this week announced at CES its portable DVR box, supplied by Panasonic which enables Comcast users to take on the road their DVR recordings. The Panasonic device also acts as a set-top box, with video on demand functionality, has a 8.5" LCD screen, plays DVDs and CDs and can be powered from a car lighter.

Comcast is playing catch up as the two US satellite providers, DirecTV and Dish have offered a similar box for over a year. Strangely, Comcast's Panasonic box will not be available for at least another year.

Panasonic also unveiled a new series of Plasma TV's (including a 150 inch  job!), all IP enabled and confirming that after years of phony war the race is now seriously on for internet TV.

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