Comcast's Roberts: Size matters in an up and down economy

Bigger is better for a company in today's economy, Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) Chairman-CEO Brian Roberts, making the rounds of talk shows and conferences like an actor with a new movie, said during an interview on Bloomberg Television's Bloomberg West.

Brian Roberts interview Bloomberg TVWhile "bullish" about the economy, Roberts said that it will still have its "ups and downs" in the near term. "That's what we got large for, so we can withstand that," he said. "Our balance sheet has never been stronger."

That strong balance sheet was no doubt a factor in President Obama's decision to add Roberts to his newly formed Business Council. Roberts said he sees that experience as "educational" because "you get into things in industries that do not relate to what I do ... but there is a passion, a focus and a commitment to try to get more jobs in this country, and I think it is great."

By the way, for excited or worried sports fans, Roberts maintained that Comcast has no plans to take on ESPN because it "does not make a lot of economic sense."

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