Comcast says it's not excluding Bloomberg TV from its neighborhoods

It's not exactly 90210 but Bloomberg and Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) have ratcheted up their fight over whether the MSO is blocking Bloomberg TV from a "neighborhood" of news-centric channels like Comcast-owned CNBC.

Bloomberg threatened to go to the FCC with its complaint if Comcast didn't reconfigure its channel lineups as part of what it said was an FCC requirement allowing Comcast to acquire NBCUniversal. Comcast's legal team says that nothing's amiss, there was nothing in its deal to purchase NBCUniversal that demanded it change existing channel lineups and that Bloomberg should be quiet.

"Their respective channel positions are a result of this preacquisition history, not any discriminatory motive," Comcast's response said.

Bloomberg disagreed, issuing a statement that the FCC "told Comcast it must include independent new channels such as Bloomberg TV in any news neighborhood that it carries ‘nor or in the future.'"

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