Comcast still ranks last in customer 'experience' survey focused on top pay-TV companies

Despite a $300 million investment to improve its customer service reputation, Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) finds itself ranked dead last in a survey of 10,000 customers rating their experiences with top TV service providers. 

In the latest Tempkin Experience Ratings, Comcast scored 37 percent, finishing behind AT&T (43 percent), Time Warner Cable (46 percent), Verizon (47 percent) and Charter Communications (48 percent) in the bottom five of pay-TV operators.

A score under 50 percent is generally considered low.

DirecTV scored 57 percent to finish as the top TV service provider, followed by Dish Network (56 percent), Cablevision (55 percent), Cox Communications (53 percent) and Bright House Networks (49 percent).

With Timken's surveys ranking everything from airlines to insurance providers, Comcast as a video services provider ranked 289th out of 294 companies overall.

The MSO faired little better in the Internet service provider rankings, scoring a 40 percent to rank dead last in the category and 284th overall. Verizon (51 percent) was the top ranked ISP, followed by AT&T (50 percent), Charter (48 percent), TWC (48 percent), Cablevision (47 percent) and Comcast. 

Comcast added 53,000 video customers in the first quarter alone, and the company has been spinning a narrative that its X1 video platform and improved customer service acumen have helped it turn a corner in terms of customer growth. It's reduced churn bares this out, but the company apparently still has work to do in fixing its reputation. 

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