Comcast teeing up any-room DVR service

Although there's been nothing official, Comcast is apparently is joining the pack and offering whole-home or any-room DVR service. Some of the MSO's digital HD subscribers have been sent messages that the service is available and one of its vendors, Entropic, is taking credit for providing technology for the service which, some sources state, has also been announced on the Comcast Web site.

Entropic uses MoCa and, according to an Entropic executive, Comcast will use MoCa for the any-room service.

"We've had a longstanding relationship with Comcast," said Entropic CEO Patrick Henry, solidly cracking the cone of silence around which Comcast surrounds its vendor announcements. "All the initial deployment is based on Entropic's MoCa solution."

A Comcast spokeswoman confirmed that the MSO hasn't rolled out the program nationally and hasn't announced any plans to do so, and even if it did it would follow the policy of rolling out system by system as secretly as possible.

Meanwhile, in an authorized announcement, NDS said it has been selected by Comcast as the "prime integrator" to help with deploying tru2way devices and will support Comcast and its set-top box vendors in developing a Reference implementation (RI) on its units.

Also in the tru2way space, middleware provider Alticast said it's working with Cisco Systems to port its tru2way stack to Cisco set-tops.

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