Comcast to piggyback on Colorado DOT's fiber lines

In a deft display of public-private cooperation, Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) will lease two of the Colorado Department of Transportation's (CDOT) single mode fiber optic strands for 20 years to extend its service to subscribers in mountain communities between Golden and Vail.

This marks the first time CDOT has leased a portion of the fiber link it uses for electronic sign message control, traffic camera surveillance, travel time detection, weather station monitoring and communications over digital trunk radio. As part of the lease, Comcast, which will use extra dark fibers CDOT owns, will support the network with maintenance that includes a weekly inspection and debris clean-up.

The deal is a "big win" for Colorado taxpayers, said CDOT Executive Director Russell George in a news release. It "provides CDOT with a new revenue stream and because Comcast also is providing professional engineering expertise and support, we're able to reallocate some of our network management resources to other important transportation projects."

For Comcast, the agreement opens the way to deliver HD programming and advanced interactive services such as VoD and start offering Comcast phone service to the rural mountain communities.

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