Comcast under fire for outage during Academy Awards

The Shreveport, La., City Council is looking for answers from Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) representatives regarding customer complaints after a service outage occurred during the 85th Annual Academy Awards show in late February. According to Comcast, the outage was caused by a power surge.

Comcast customers in Shreveport report that they have not been able to get any response from the company regarding poor service. Comcast meanwhile maintains that, while the company still has more work to do on the Shreveport system, advancements have been made in the area over the past six years and most of the complaints regarding poor service have been addressed. In addition, Comcast says it has nearly 50 technicians in the area and has spent $6 million improving the local cable system.

The Shreveport City Council plans to evaluate Comcast's performance over the next three months to determine whether the company will be able to continue to offer cable service in the city. Comcast currently has a month-to-month contract with Shreveport.

This isn't the only conflict Comcast is experiencing with local city officials.  After receiving more than 155 complaints from customers in Savannah, Ga., in January, Comcast sent customer service representatives door-to-door to ask if subscribers were happy with their service. The city of Savannah had asked Comcast to respond to the complaints and the MSO then had to file a report with the city related to its customer service and digital upgrade issues.

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