Comcast video services chief Strauss: Millennials are among our biggest bundle buyers

While young adults are widely viewed as completely dissonant towards cable, Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) video services chief Matthew Strauss says they're actually among the biggest bundle buyers for the No. 1 cable company.

"Adults 25-34 with no kids are one of the largest segments for our video bundle," said the Comcast executive VP and GM of video services, speaking at the J.P. Morgan Investor Conference in New York Monday. 

"Millennials watch more TV than anybody," Strauss added. "In some cases, they're more comfortable watching on a mobile device. But you put a 55-inch TV in front of anybody, and they're more like to watch it."

Of course, Strauss' anecdotal comments fly in face of the industry consensus, with rivals like Dish Network chairman and CEO Charlie Ergen often describing today's young adults as a lost generation of pay-TV consumers. Strauss didn't supply any data to support this assertion. 

Strauss did let loose with some interesting numerical tidbits, however:

  •  Recently aired TV shows get a 20-30 percent lift in C3 audience ratings on Comcast's VOD platforms. This audience, of course, goes largely unmeasured now.
  •  Comcast's electronic sell-through business generated $100 million through its first year. And 99 percent of its transactions come through the living-room remote control as opposed to mobile devices. 
  •  The Xfinity app is now available on 18 platforms. 

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