Comcast vs. CBS: Value of 3D TV depends on the 'broadcaster'

While Comcast isn't yet--and perhaps may never be--a broadcaster with the FCC being deluged with comments opposing the MSO's acquisition of NBC Universal, the Philadelphia cable giant still has a thing or two to say about broadcast television and what it likes. And, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts made it clear that he thinks new 3D TV technology has a place in Comcast's future.

"I think it's a big event strategy," Roberts said during the company's earnings call. He went on to point out that 3D movies generated more revenue than 2D, calling it a "premium experience and a premium revenue" stream while suggesting, "maybe there are business opportunities."

Comcast isn't buying CBS so it's no real surprise that Les Moonves, that network's president-CEO doesn't see eye-to-eye with Roberts when it comes to the 3D TV frenzy. Moonves, speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference voiced his doubts about multidimensional TV, concluding, "I'm not sure it's going to be economically viable for the near future."

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