Comcast will pay $16M to settle file transfer claims; AT&T threatens to rethink U-Verse investment

> A federal court has granted final approval to Comcast's $16 million offer to settle consumer claims that it intentionally delayed file transfer over its broadband service. The money will be distributed to customers who used targeted applications on Comcast between 2006 and 2008-if they submit a claim. Story.

> This might be a reason for cable operators to back net neutrality. AT&T has warned that if the FCC does, indeed, implement the plan it would re-evaluate how much it wants to invest in its U-Verse initiative. Story.

> Time flies when you're having fun. It's been a year since the U.S. underwent its analog to digital broadcast TV transition and, according to a piece in, the majority of people think it was a good thing.

> A South Korean firm that builds software to connect televisions to the Internet-Alticast-is planning an IPO early next year to fund an expansion in the Americas. Story.

> Mexico's largest cable operator, Megacable Holdings, plans to acquire Grupo Omnicable and add its 62,000 video subscribers and 3,000 Internet subscribers in border towns like Nogales and Agua Prieta to its fold. Story.

And finally... French network operator Bouygues Telecom will use Bluestreak Technology's technology to power next-generation interfaces for its Bbox IPTV service. News release.