Coming attractions: Clearwire, Apple announcements fuel speculation

Could Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR) be preparing to add more partners to its dance card? Could it be readying a prepaid mobile WiMAX offering? Could it be set to create a closer 4G link between WiMAX and LTE? The answer to these questions and more may be available by Monday afternoon.

Clearwire has scheduled a webcast for Monday that has pushed the always-speculating Internet community into overdrive with ideas about what the cable-heavy wireless carrier is up to. Out of the confusion comes one solid conclusion: "Monday is bound to be a big deal."

GoingWiMAX pointed out that previous Clearwire announcements were made via press releases. "The fact that members of the press and industry analysts are invited to stream it live appears to make it a bigger event than the release of information of a major upcoming profit gain in the form of a partnership with Best Buy (the carrier's last big announcement)," the website said.

The buzz will get louder next week, perhaps with a tinge of disappointment, as the next big announcement--this one by Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL)--hits Wednesday. Although early speculation was that this would be something important about Apple TV, it now appears that the invitation-only press conference will be about new versions of the old standard iPod platform.

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