Community web TV comes to U.S.

Trying to tell Americans how to do TV might seem like taking coals to Newscastle but that is what U.K.-based WebsEdge is trying to do with web channels built around municipal and interest communities. With a number of global channels and several local U.K. channels already operating, WebsEdge was in Washington, D.C. last week looking to set up a U.S. beachhead.

According to CEO Stephen Horn, the web provides an ideal opportunity for municipal governments to communicate with their residents providing that content is relevant to community needs. He says this is very different to traditional broadcast video and often involves having to cover complex issues using experts to communicate to citizens about issues challenging the community.

According to Horn, businesses are noticing the growth in user-generated content and a greater number of organizations will use IPTV to communicate with their stakeholders. In light of the growing demand of IPTV for business use, there will be a steep increase in Professionally Generated Content (PGC), content generated by professionals, organizations, communities and companies. Which, of course, is where WebsEdge steps in.

Horn, a former BBC journalist, also believes advertising will not sustain IPTV because the numbers are not big enough to attract audiences that advertisers will care for. "Right now the business model just isn't there. Too many people are relying on advertising income or worse still have no real idea where the income is going to come from. And until we figure that out this surge forward in our industry just won't be sustained."

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