The competition: Verizon kills FiOS contracts in Tampa

As the novelty of getting FiOS TV instead of cable wears off, Verizon is finding it tougher to sign on new customers. So, as with any new service trying to make headway in the market, the telco is jettisoning some things in an effort to make the product more attractive. In this case, Verizon said it will let Tampa area customers sign up for no contract, no early termination fee and all at the same price as contract customers.

New customers therefore can get Verizon's triple play bundle of high-speed Internet, FiOS digital voice and FiOS TV for $99.99 a month--without signing on for a contract. Previously, the same bundle would have cost $20 to $30 a month more without a contract.

"We've heard both anecdotally and in various focus group sessions over time that for some people the contract requirement is a barrier to purchasing FiOS," said Verizon spokesman Robert Elek.

They needed a focus group to tell them that?

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