Connected Home Academy joins Open IPTV Forum

The Connected Home Academy, a professional certification organization with individual courses for broadcast, telco and connected home professionals, has joined the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) and will participate in that organization's ongoing connected TV work as it pertains to IPTV.

"We aim to work with the OIPF membership to enable a certified education program for the IPTV/OTT industry, delivering knowledge of OIPF specifications and related technology in both practical and theoretical contexts via the Connected Home Academy," said IPTV Learning Program Director Sam Hurrell in a release.

The OIPF's stated goal is to "enable and accelerate creation of mass market for IPTV by defining and publishing free-of-charge standards-based specifications for end-end IPTV services of the future," the organization's boilerplate says.

That would fit neatly into the Connected Home Academy's goals of training individuals from customer service to post-delivery across multiple disciplines, including IPTV. The academy brings a list of clients that include telcos like BT (NYSE: BT), Virgin Media (Nasdaq: VMED) and Orange and vendors like Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO), Conax, Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALU), Ericsson (Nasdaq: ERIC), Amino and Thomson.

"Organizations cannot fully implement or relate to industry standards until they understand them," Hurrell added. "The specifications work of the OIPF to date is an ideal base for us to build the right multi-level learning toolkit to allow companies to understand customer requirements, boost customer engagement, and work with technology partners across the industry in the most effective way."

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- the Connected Home Academy and Open IPTV Forum issued this news release

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