Consumerist: Comcast urges workers to stuff 'worst company' ballot box

 The Consumerist continues to have fun at the expense of Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA). Last year, the Consumer Reports offshoot gave the MSO its Golden Poo award after voters determined Comcast to be the worst company in America. This year it caught Comcast rallying its employees to avoid a repeat.

"Comcast has decided that, rather than actually do anything about the problems that make it a perennial favorite, it will just beg its employees to vote--multiple times--for the other guy (Charter Communications in this instance)," the website said.

The site displayed a copy of a message urging "Comcasters" to voluntarily "vote for the company that is paired against Comcast." And not just once, but as many times as possible. "We hope that you will consider voting today/tonight and at home from your cell phone, iPad, personal computer and other Web-enabled devices with a unique IP address. You can use company devices as well as your personal devices."

The Consumerist also issued a warning note to other companies in the competition. "If you want to notify your employees and have them vote for the other guy, don't do it via a company-wide e-mail because the odds are pretty likely that it will end up in our hands."

With a little prodding from FierceCable, Comcast issued a statement defending its employees and the reasonining behind the memo.

"Our employees ... take great pride in working for Comcast," the statement said, noting that The Consumerist had, in effect, asked those employees for their opinion in a letter inviting Comcast to "feel free to rally your troops and get them voting - for the competition, of course." 

The Comcast statement said the MSO accepted this "in good spirit" and "we did just that. " 


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