Cord cutters' non-impact among top 5 'underreported' stories of 2010

The damage cord cutters are doing to cable TV--or actually the lack of same--came in number 3 on Business Insider Dan Frommer's list of the top 5 "underreported" stories of 2010.

"For all the talk of 'cord-cutters' and all the excitement around Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX), the vast majority of people are still paying for television and watching much more of it on their TVs than via the Internet," Frommer wrote. "We're also starting to see signs of cable companies learning how to use the Internet and mobile devices better."

Frommer's conclusion: "The cable guys still have the best content at any price and that's not going to change quickly." And if it does, service providers can just charge more for Internet access to get the content from other sources.

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