Cord cutting or retransmission? Antennas Direct revenue forecast soars

Antennas Direct believes it's wildly profiting from U.S. consumer desire to cut the cords between their televisions and pay TV services and replace them with over-the-air antennas and that the FCC is wrong when it says that over-the-air broadcasting is no longer needed.

The company is forecasting a $21 million sales year in 2011, up from $8.7 million in 2010, which, it says, is even more remarkable now that the broadcast digital transition is over.

"This year we are on pace to liberate nearly 1 million Americans from an unhappy relationship with their pay TV provider while putting over $1.1 billion annually back in the pockets of our customers," Antennas Direct President Richard Schneider said in a news release.

The company could also be benefiting from the slew of blackouts when broadcasters pull their local signals from pay TV services, but Schneider preferred to believe that the business was benefiting from the continued appeal of over-the-air broadcasting.

"Viewers appreciate that not only does digital TV offer improved picture quality, more channels and greater reliability, it's also free to the consumer," an Antennas Direct news release contended.

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