Cord cutting? Poll says most Americans don't even watch recorded programming

While the entire cable world--and those who watch cable--run about like Mad Hatters worried that Americans are cutting the cord and abandoning traditional cable for over-the-top content providers, a Marist College phone poll of 1,005 people found 70 percent of Americans still watch time-and-date linear programming and only 16 percent record and watch at a later date.

Only 9 percent watched their shows online and--here's one that causes heartburn across the industry--7 percent didn't watch TV at all.

The poll did confirm what everyone already suspected: Time-shifting and cord-cutting skews to the younger set. While not giving specific age demographics on who's cutting the cord, it said that 80 percent of Americans over 45 watch TV as it's broadcast, but that number dropped to 56 percent of the under-45 crowd who were more likely to time shift and/or cut the cord.

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