Corpus Media Labs takes a stab at healthcare IPTV

Having implemented hotel IPTV, Bangladore, India-based Corpus Media Labs is ready for its next challenge: healthcare TV via IPTV and digital-signage solutions.

The company hopes to tap what is expected to be a $100 billion industry in India by 2015 with a healthcare IPTV system targeted at patients, but also useful to hospital visitors, staff and administrators, Corpus CEO Sachin Tummala said in a news release.

"IPTV allows healthcare providers the ability to deliver TV services to patient rooms and lounge areas with a level of granularity that has previously been unavailable," Tummala said, noting that the Corpus system is "advanced, flexible, customizable and an asset to any healthcare environment."

Hospitals will be able to use the Corpus' system to remotely monitor, predict and manage patient behavior with less financial and manpower expenditures, the company said, with additional benefits including video conferencing with patients, Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) storage and immediate access to patient records, telemedicine prescriptions, VoD and content to patient rooms and lounge areas and delivery of traditional TV services over a single network infrastructure.

Signage, Tummala continued, allows healthcare providers to "beam important information to staff, patients and visitors at entry points and waiting areas (with) content (that) can be made relevant to the day's activities, doctors available in the hospital, layout of various departments and interviews with medical specialists. It can also be used to provide training and service information which can improve productivity and reduce training time and cost."

Corpus has signed a memorandum of understanding with Moonwalk to provide health-related digital signal content across hospitals and clinics, the company said.

While Corpus Media Labs is based in India, and its healthcare IPTV solution will be targeted first at that country's hospitals and clinics, its vision is more global with products targeted for cable, DTH, terrestrial and mobile operators, telcos and ISPs, the company said.

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