Cosgrove: Huge content library, sports will drive 3DTV

Tom Cosgrove, president-CEO of 3D Net, the 3DTV joint venture created by Sony, Discovery Communications and Imax, continues to push for the one thing that he believes will make 3DTV a household necessity: content.

Appearing at the Piper Jaffray Technology, Media & Telecommunications Conference, Cosgrove re-emphasized a message he's been delivering--including during a panel session at the recent CTAM Summit in New Orleans. "The main issue that has consumers on the fence about 3DTV so far is a lack of broad availability of content. That's a big gap that has to be filled."

At CTAM, Cosgrove said he is a big believer that sports is a "natural for 3D." Cox Communications appears to agree. It will televise the Nov. 13 Oregon-California college football game in 3DTV for Orange County, Santa Barbara and Palos Verdes-area subscribers. The broadcast will be in partnership with Comcast cable network Versus, which plans to deliver 3D camera angles not usually seen during 2D.

In a sign of how eager providers are to jumpstart the 3D business, the broadcast will be delivered free of charge as long as customers have a 3D TV, Cox 3D service, a Cox HD or HD/DVR receiver and 3D glasses.

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