Could Carphone re-boot IPTV effort?

The Financial Times reports that the U.K.'s Carphone Warehouse, which completed its acquisition of Italian operator Tiscali's U.K. business recently, is exploring the idea of expanding the unit's existing, but thus-far disappointing, IPTV offering in the U.K. The evaluation could represent a change of tune by Carphone Warehouse, which previously has watched U.K. IPTV activity from the sidelines as a skeptic.

The Financial Times story says Tiscali had only 50,000 IPTV customers, though reports earlier this year had pinned the figure around 100,000 (a number still below the company's hopes). Research firm Ovum said in a statement that the acquisition does provide Carphone Warehouse with a ready-made IPTV platform (which Tiscali actually had acquired from HomeChoice) that the aggressive, second-largest broadband carrier in the U.K. could build upon. However, Ovum also suggested that it could be very difficult and expensive for Carphone Warehouse to succeed in the now-hotly-competitive U.K. TV market without a new game-changing strategy.

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