Court grants Dish a reprieve in TiVo patent case

Dish Network won't have to pay $300 million and change to TiVo for infringing on TiVo's DVR patents. At least not yet. An appeals court said it has acceded to a request from Dish and EchoStar (in a convoluted corporate web, Dish is an EchoStar subsidiary) to review a previous ruling against the pair.

In a March 4 ruling, Dish had been told it was out of appeals and should pay $300 million and change to TiVo as part of Texas court decisions that found Dish in contempt for continuing to use TiVo's patented DVR technology. Dish has already paid TiVo $104 million in initial damages.

Now, it seems, while the court has denied a request to overturn the Texas ruling, at least Dish is back in the appeals game. Dish-EchoStar released a statement saying that it believed the rehearing will "have a profound impact on innovation in the United States for years to come."

TiVo's statement was less effusive, noting that the DVR maker is "disappointed that we do not have finality in this case despite years of litigation."

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