Cox allies with TiVo, while Apple renames Apple TV to iTV

While some cable operators have been looking askance at TiVo's new push into the DVR business and others have been looking on with fear and loathing, Cox Communications has stepped up and struck a deal to integrate TiVo's VoD recorders with its on-demand services.

This marks the "first time a cable operator will be making their on-demand product available to a retail device," pronounced Jeff Klugman, TiVo's SVP-GM of product and revenue.

It's hardly an altruistic move, added Cox VP-Video Strategy and Product Management Steve Necessary. "We can anticipate that will gain us more customers. I'm sure it will be a positive number. I just don't know how big."

Elsewhere in the ongoing competitive space, Apple has taken the logical step (think iPod, iPhone and iPad) of changing the name of Apple TV to iTV. That one might be a little dicey since there are those in the market who already call interactive TV iTV, but remember, this is Apple, a company that defiles the cliché by repeatedly proving there is an "I" in Apple.

Finally, Verizon (NYSE: VZ) FiOS might not be charging ahead three yards in a cloud of dust these days, but it is still competitive with cable and it's crowing about the fact that it will air the first 3D NFL game Sept. 2. Some of the luster from that is tarnished by the fact that it's only a preseason contest between the aging New England Patriots and the overrated New York (who play in New Jersey) Giants.

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