Cox bets on IPTV in Las Vegas

Cable TV companies have been flirting with IPTV developments for the last couple years, and we are seeing initial signs that 2010 will be a year for significant commercial deployments. In what is believed to be the first IPTV deployment for cable TV firm Cox Communications, the Atlanta-based carrier's Hospitality Network unit is using a fiber-based IPTV architecture to bring programming to buildings in the massive Las Vegas CityCenter complex.

Cox is offering 230 channels of programming on a system that relies on two 10-gigabit fiber circuits tied to multiple end-points throughout the 67-acre hotel-casino/residential/commercial complex, according to a story at Multichannel News. The IPTV system also uses SeaChange International's video-on-demand system and middleware, and set-top boxes from Enseo.

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- Multichannel News has this report

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