Cox says it has no plans to extend usage-based pricing trials past Cleveland

Cox Communications says it has no immediate plans to extend trials of a usage-based broadband pricing model beyond Cleveland.

In Cleveland, Cox users are being charged $10 for each 50 gigabytes of data they use beyond a 2 terabyte monthly limit. 

Speculation that Cox would expand this model emerged this week, when Cox notified users of its "Ultimate" (which ranges from 200 Gbps - 300 Gbps downstream, depending on the market) and 1 gig "Gigablast" tiers that their usage limits would change.

The Ultimate tier was sliced from 2 TB to 1 TB a month. Gigablast was set at 2 TB. Cleveland Ultimate users have their 2 TB limit grandfathered in.

The changes, Cox spokesman Todd Smith said, "more consistently reflect the increased speed and usage included with each Cox Internet package."

The announcement follows Comcast's decision to set usage limits at 1 TB in all markets in which it's testing usage-based pricing. 

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