Cox to unveil new cap-avoidance pricing

Cox vans
(Cox Communications)

Cox Communications is set to announce new pricing options that let its high-speed internet users avoid the cable operator’s 1-terabyte data cap.

Cox rep Todd Smith confirmed a DSLReports story that the operator will soon enable customers to pay an additional $50 above what they normally pay a month for HDD services to avoid the cap altogether. They can also pay an additional $30 a month for 500 gigabytes of additional data. 

“We will begin communicating to customers this week and these options will be available immediately in most markets,” Smith said.

Currently, Cox charges its customers $10 for every 50 GB they go over the cap. 

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DSLReports intercepted an employee memo that outlines the changes.

"An overwhelming majority of data is consumed by a very small percentage of internet users," the memo reads. "The new choices are great options for the small percentage of heavy users who routinely use 1TB+ per month and prefer a flat monthly rate, rather than purchasing additional data blocks.

“In Cox markets with usage-based billing, the less than 2% of customers who exceed the amount of data included in their plan still have the option of paying $10 for each additional 50 GB of data when they need it," the memo added.