Customer service key to Knology franchises in Kansas, Alabama

Knology (Nasdaq: KNOL) has stepped into a pair of new markets with one overriding priority: Deliver quality service.

In Kansas, Leavenworth County commissioners approved the transfer of Sunflower Broadband's franchises to Knology with a warning. "Sunflower has been the epitome of customer service. Any degradation of that would not be well received when the franchise agreement is renewed," County Commissioner Lawrence Knorr said.

Meanwhile, in another part of the country, the fickle fellows in Opelika, Ala., having just received a go-ahead from voters to build a municipal broadband system, also took the first steps to approve a new franchise for Knology to step in and compete with incumbent cable provider Charter Communications (OTC BB: CCMM).

Just a month ago citizens--at least those who voted--overwhelmingly approved a city proposal to build a broadband smart grid that would include all the elements of a cable triple play. During the run-up to that vote, Knology, as well as Charter, had pleaded their cases with the city. Now the word is the city will go ahead with its own build while also inviting Knology in to compete.

"I think that's a testament to the citizens of Opelika that their council is moving as quickly as they prudently can to help bring cable competition to the area," said Royce Ard, Knology general manager of the Columbus and East Alabama Region.

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