D.C. experiencing tech resurgence; bandwidth caps petition circulates in Canada

@FierceCable RT Broadband TV News via @yschreiber - Sky combining mobile and sky player catch-up service into combined multi-screen service/pricepoint. Story | Follow @FierceCable

> Those desperate for some sign that the stagnant economy is about to pop and become lively once more should be heartened by what's happening outside the political bubble in Washington, D.C. where, according to The New York Times, there's a technology surge. Story.

> Google admitted it collected private data from unsecured wireless networks in Connecticut, allowing settlement talks with the state to move forward. Story.

> Apple's closed approach to products is a mistake that will soon be overwhelmed by Android, NETGEAR CEO Patrick Lo said. Story.

> Canadians are being urged to sign a petition protesting Internet usage bandwidth caps. Story.

> Companies that invest resources in emerging nations should be prepared for more disruptions such as the ones going on in Egypt, Ovum analyst Angel Dobardziev said. Story.

And finally ... while Egyptians are trying to shut down the Internet, the British government is investing 7.2 million pounds to make it go faster. Story.