Data hogs should be allowed to belly up to the bandwidth trough; iSuppli says broadband caps will stifle Internet TV

> A blog post on Ars Technica looks in depth at the notion of charging broadband data hogs more for the privilege of bellying up to the bandwidth trough and concludes it's probably not a good idea.

> Following that same trend--albeit perhaps not the logic--iSuppli has determined that broadband caps and extra fees will stifle development of new Internet TV competition. Not exactly sure if that's a bad thing for cable TV or not. News release.

> Just when you thought it was over, they pull you back in. Word from North Carolina, where municipal broadband is a bigger battleground than anything the state probably saw in the Civil War and American Revolution, is that the issue is likely to be revived legislatively next January. Story.

> One more reason analysts all drive Mercedes: A Maravedis 4G Quarterly Report on 4G Infrastructure Trends has determined that it's going to take more than new radio access technology and spectrum to provide "sufficient additional mobile capacity" for next-generation broadband wireless services and that vendors had better look at picocell base stations and new backhaul solutions. News release.

And finally... A TMCnet blurb says that Howard G. Smith is "investigating potential claims against the board of directors of ADC Telecommunications related to the company's agreement to be acquired by Tyco Electronics." The investigation apparently covers some serious sounding "breaches of fiduciary duty and other violations of law" by the board leading up to the $1.25 billion acquisition. Story.