Deloitte: Multi-device content demand continues to grow

New findings from Deloitte's Eighth "Digital Democracy Survey" confirm what MVPDs already knew, or strongly suspected: U.S. consumers are becoming "digital omnivores," devouring content across tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Deloitte digital omnivores

(Source: Deloitte)

According to Deloitte, 37 percent of all consumers fall into the digital omnivore category, a 42 percent increase over the previous year. Tablet use, which grew by 33 percent and smartphone use, which grew 18 percent, drove a market that increasingly includes women--who make up 45 percent of this group compared to 35 percent two years ago.

"The continued rise of the digital omnivore is an indication that consumers across generations are hungry for content access devices, especially media and gaming content on mobile devices," Gerland Belson, vice chairman of Deloitte LLP said in a press release. "Consumers are often now able to watch the content they want on the device of their choosing."

This means, Belson said, that these consumers have "decoupled the notion that TV shows have to be watched on home TVs."

Of course the youngest are also the most active with those aged 12 to 24 indicating "they now spend more time watching television and movie content on non-traditional devices than on TVs," Belson said.

Other trends noted in the report are the rise of multitasking among an increasingly distracted consumer viewing base; gaming devices that do more than provide games; and the growing influence of social media.

"Changes in how content is consumed across multiple devices accelerate as new technology is introduced. This trend will continue as more consumers gain access to new media devices and consumption platforms," Belson said, concluding with the obvious: "It brings about new challenges and exciting opportunities for organizations in the technology, media and telecom industries."

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