With DirecTV Now launch coming, AT&T claims 5M for bundled unlimited data

As AT&T (NYSE: T) readies the launch of its DirecTV Now streaming pay-TV service later this year, the company told investors Thursday that 5 million customers have already signed up for an offer that bundles DirecTV service with unlimited wireless data plans.

With DirecTV Now poised to work hand-in-hand with unlimited wireless data plans, this is good news for AT&T.

AT&T introduced the offering in January, resurrecting unlimited data for $100 a month for a first line and $40 a month for each additional line, with a fourth line available at no extra cost. The offer is available only to subscribers of DirecTV, however.

And while bundled telecom and TV offerings aren't always successful, unlimited mobile data has proven to be a compelling draw. Roughly 500,000 users signed up in the first two weeks of availability, and the audience has grown steadily since.

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