DirecTV offers $19.99 bundle to counter Sling TV

DirecTV (NASDAQ: DTV) is looking to counter the launch of Dish Network's (NASDAQ: DISH) $20-a-month OTT service with a $19.99 bundle for new customers.

"Dish's Sling TV: Gamechanging or shortchanging," reads a DirecTV online ad plugging the new service, which is offered to only new customers.

DirecTV's traditional pay-TV bundle, which is offered to select customers through its retail network, touts more than 130 channels, plus major broadcast networks. The package also includes premium channels HBO, Starz, Cinemax and Showtime three for three months.

The downsides: $19.99 is a promotional price, and customers' bills will shoot up to $50 a month after one year. The price doesn't include DVR service or extra receivers. And, of course, the ability to enjoy programming on IP devices is still subject to the complexity and flaws of TV Everywhere.

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