DirecTV: Oh, one more thing, 4K setup will set you back $50

Trumpeting the debut of U.S. pay-TV's first 4K service with a Nov. 13 press release announcing a hodgepodge of older Paramount titles and K2 nature films in the Ultra HD format, DirecTV (NASDAQ: DTV) said its subscribers needed only a Genie DVR and Samsung 4K TV set to enjoy the super high-resolution fare.

Of course, it couldn't be that easy, or cheap, as TV Predictions points out. Before a DirecTV subscriber can enjoy the 1963 John Wayne film McLintock! in 4K, or Steven Spielberg's 1997 historical drama Amistad, they need to pay the satellite operator a $50 setup fee.

Speaking to DirecTV customer service, TV Predictions was told that a professional installer is needed because the Samsung TV must be programmed to operate as a Genie client box.

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