DirecTV plots ambitious broadband connection campaign

Only 6 percent of DirecTV (Nasdaq: DTV) subscribers now have a broadband connection to their satellite set-tops. Since that's an obvious selling point for competitive wireline carriers, DirecTV is embarking on an ambitious campaign to move the needle to 40 percent by 2013 by providing the technology to leverage wireline broadband connections provided by telco or cable operators as part of an integrated set-top box.

DirecTV CEO Michael White has touted the aggressive move is part of an evolution for the satellite service provider which has seen itself surrounded by over-the-top content providers delivering material over the Internet and a cable/telco space willing to embrace the Internet as part of their pay TV offerings.

"Whether it's Comcast (Nasdaq: CMCSA) and their online product, whether it's a service like Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX) ... we need to think about all that as we evolve from a pay television business to a pay video ... business," White said.

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