Discovery to lobby against Comcast-TWC, too; Nielsen says upcoming mobile TV ratings won't be impressive

Cable industry news from across the Web:

> Discovery Networks has enlisted veteran lobbyist Susan Brophy and Greggy Rothschild to lobby against the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger. Story

> Comcast is currently testing a new DVR that can record up to 15 shows simultaneously. Story

> Nielsen says its plan to begin tracking TV viewing on mobile devices is on track to begin in the fall. But the research company predicts the initial sample sizes will be statistically unimpressive. Story

> The Centers for Disease Control says that 41 percent of U.S. homes currently have no landline phone connection. Story

> Netflix has purchased the SVOD rights to the upcoming CBS sci-fi series Zoo and will begin streaming the show in summer 2015. Story

> Charter Communications recently added its Latin View tier to the services of its New England subscribers, giving them access to 55 digital channels. Story

And finally...   Socially conservative watchdog group The Parents Television Council is calling on its members to file indecency complaints against CBS over a recent episde of the series RecklessStory

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