Dish accounts for half of all retrans disputes, NAB says

Continuing to single out one pay-TV operator in its ongoing quest to convince the FCC to keep retrans regulations the way they are, the NAB has called Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) "the communications industry's ultimate regulatory profiteer and catalyst for half of all retransmission consent disputes. "

Dish has been aggressive in urging the FCC to reform laws governing broadcast retransmission licensing. The satellite TV operator has also drawn a hard line in recent negotiations with broadcasters, with negotiations with Cox Media and Media General descending into blackouts earlier this year, for example.

In an ex parte filing to the FCC, the National Association of Broadcasters attempts to call Dish out on issues ranging from how it allegedly gamed the AWS-3 spectrum auction to how it "twisted the arm" of the FCC to get a significant extension of the buildout deadlines for its 700 MHz E Block licenses back in 2013

"Dish has a long and sordid history of bending and attempting to bend laws and rules to its advantage," NAB said. 

The broadcast lobbying org, of course, saved its harshest rebuke for Dish's attempt to influence the FCC on changing good-faith bargaining of retrans rights.

"Only Dish has the gall to approach the Commission seeking favors when it is the primary driver of disputes," NAB said. "But Dish is counting on the Commission to overlook its conduct and instead focus on fixing a 'problem' that Dish, with help from ATVA, manufactured and amplified. It is the ultimate irony that Dish, after years of engaging in bad faith behavior that blocked the Commission's ability to serve the interests of consumers, now insists that the FCC must handcuff broadcasters in order to protect consumers."

Dish reps didn't immediately respond to FierceCable's inquiry for comment. 

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