Dish and Weather Channel make up; Ooma introduces Bluetooth adapter for Telo Premier

> See there, if you talk enough about it you can do something about the weather. Dish Network and The Weather Channel have resolved what seemed to be irreconcilable differences and reached a multi-year agreement for continued distribution of TWC on Dish's programming platform. News release.

> Here's something that sounds suspiciously like fixed-mobile convergence (FMC). Ooma has made available a Bluetooth adapter that allows its Telo Premier subscribers to integrate their mobile phones with their home phone systems so users can answer any inbound mobile phone call on any home phone connected to an Ooma Telo. News release.

> Google TV is just wriggling into this world and already there are companies lining up to play with it. Transpond, the company formerly and tongue-twistingly known as iWidgets, has developed Tap TV, a software as a service (SaaS) for apps providers to build "fully native engagement apps" for Google TV. Story.

> Time Warner Cable, never one to be left behind when the cable industry begins a trend, said it is rolling out a new interactive. On-screen television guide for digital customer in central New York. Story.

> STMicroelectronics has joined the HomePlug Powerline Alliance board of directors, bringing "additional depth to the industry leading HomePlug ecosystem and further (validating) HomePlug technology as the de facto world standard for high-speed powerline networking. News release.

And finally... It's a wide world. Pace has moved past Motorola to the point where it shipped more digital boxes than any other manufacturer in 2009. Pace, of course, spreads its boxes around of IPTV, satellite, cable and terrestrial platforms. Story.