Dish earns stay to keep DVR function

The Wall Street Journal reported late Wednesday that satellite TV provider Dish Network and its affiliate EchoStar had earned a temporary stay of a court order issued just a day earlier that would have forced Dish to disable the DVR functions in as many as 4 million set-top box units. It's the latest twist in an ongoing case revolving around TiVo's DVR patent. Dish is expected to appeal the court order. The satellite TV firm has several telco resale agreements, though its is not clear how many telco customers would be affected if the DVR capability ultimately needs to be shut down.

TiVo pioneered the DVR as both a product and a service, but lost some of its edge over the years as first satellite and cable TV companies and later telcos offered their own DVR services. TiVo actually has use agreements with some major cable TV companies, but not with Dish, which claimed that it had developed a work-around alternative to TiVo's patent.

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