Dish finally figures out a good use for those 4K TVs with its four-picture 'Sports Bar' mode

While purchasers of pricey 4K TV sets haven't had a lot of UltraHD programming available to help amortize their purchases, Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) is offering some level of justification with the newly introduced "Sports Bar" feature in its new Hopper 3 DVR.

Released just in time for the NCAA's March Madness men's basketball tournament, Sports Bar lets users split their screen four ways, allowing them to keep track of four games at once — a useful feature in the ongoing early phases of the tourney, with over 64 games unfurling this weekend alone.

As Light Reading's Mari Silbey noted, those with standard HD sets will get four 540 resolution images — not quite standard def, but no longer hi-def, either.

However, those with 4K-capable sets will maintain 1080P picture resolution across the four images on their screens. 

The Sports Bar feature comes as a modicum of 4K programming is just beginning to emerge. You can read the full Light Reading summary here.