Dish follows U-verse and DirecTV, announces rate increases for 2016

Ducking under the cover of AT&T (NYSE: T), which announced price bumps for U-verse and DirecTV earlier this week, Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) has released information about across-the-board rate increases for 2016.

Blaming the same boogeyman -- fast-growing program licensing fees -- every other pay-TV operator does when they raise video services rates, Dish is increasing the monthly price of its tiers by a factor ranging from $2 to $8 a month.

Most of its program packages are going up by $5 a month, including the "America's Top 120," "America's Top 120 Plus," "America's top 200" and "America's Top 250" plans. The "America's Everything" primo bundle will shoot up by $8 to $140 a month. The budget-minded "Smart Pack," meanwhile, will go up $2 to $37 a month, according to TV Predictions. Article

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