Dish has its own TV Everywhere plans

Dish Network, the satellite TV provider, is seen as the second-place horse in a two-horse satellite TV market, but a Telephony story notes that it's in the catbird seat in at least one respect: It trade-marked the name TV Everywhere, and thus, is the only company with a real product offering called TV Everywhere (For everyone else, it's a concept, not an actual offering).

Now, Dish is leveraging that name, having made two recent announcements that extend its service to be used over broadband connections. Its new partnership with Neulion extends international programming to U.S. residents over broadband so that a satellite TV dish isn't needed, and its integration of Slingbox with its DVR offering means Dish TV and DVR content can be watched through PCs, mobile phones and other devices.

That sounds a lot like the Time Warner-driven concept referred to as TV Everywhere, which is where things get confusing, because Dish is not actually using the authentication approach being used by service providers following the TV Everywhere concept. Confusing for certain, so maybe it's better just to forget about trying to figure it out and think about it this way: Dish Network doesn't look ready to accept status as a secondary player, so watch out.

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