Dish Network bringing its content online; cord-cutters get a warning

> Dish Network (Nasdaq: DISH) will soon join the rest of the entertainment service provider community by offering a video portal it calls to distribute online content to its paying subscribers. Story.

> Those eager to cut the cords with their pay TV services should be aware that there is no such thing as free, warns Marguerite Reardon in a CNET News item that includes the dire statement: "You will still pay, and there's a chance you will pay as much as you do today--or even more." Story.

> Are y'all ready for some football? NFL Network has entered into a long-term carriage deal with the NCTC that lets co-op members sign deals with the network and its RedZone scoring channel. Story.

> Ruckus Wireless has gone off the continent to offer 802.11n home-based WiFi systems for Telstra in Australia. News release.

And finally... Virgin Media is getting tough with pirates in Croydon, England by sending smart cards to subscribers to upgrade their existing cable boxes. "I urge anyone considering buying a dodgy cable box or knock-off TV card to think again because they are needlessly throwing money away," said Malcolm Davies, head of fraud and security at Virgin Media. Story.