Dish sets OTT targets: 'Cord cutters, cord nevers and cord haters'

Speaking at the TV of Tomorrow Show in San Francisco Wednesday, Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) GM of interactive and advanced TV Adam Lowy defined the desired subscriber base for his company's soon-to-be launched OTT service as being young, digital and somewhat dissonant to traditional pay-TV services.

Adam Lowy, Dish Network

Lowy (Image source: TV of Tomorrow / Dish)

"Cord cutters, cord nevers and what we call cord haters," he told the audience, when asked to sum up the over-the-top offering's target market. The event was covered by GigaOM's Janko Roettgers.

Details about Dish's new OTT service--the first of its kind from a traditional pay-TV operator--have been hard to come by. And for his part, Lowy didn't spill a lot of beans Wednesday.

But he did concede that launching a new product that's not bundled with broadband will be easier to cancel than most traditional pay TV offerings. And Lowy did note the peril of having such an easily disposed-of service being targeted to a potentially reactionary market.

"At any time, if you don't pay, it's over," Lowy said. "The consumer is going to win out in the end."

As FierceOnlineVideo reported in April, Dish has been targeting young, single consumers who don't want to pay more than $30 for a video programming service.

Earlier this week, media investment analyst Todd Juenger put together a speculative channel lineup for the new service, and logically pondered how Dish could offer it for under $30. The inclusion of expensive Disney-owned networks such as ESPN--which was the starting point for Dish's decision to launch the service in the first place--simply doesn't leave enough flexibility to make the service cost-effective to consumers, Juenger wrote. 

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