DVRs muddle advertising picture; cable still gains as broadcasters lose

Cable's advertising revenues continued to climb last year, perhaps at the expense of broadcasters who saw their numbers decline. According to Nielsen statistics compiled for the coming broadcast year, advertisers spent 57 percent of all their money on television but spending slid 5.6 percent, including a 10 percent slide for network buys. Cable, meanwhile, increased 15 percent.

People are still getting their TV from the TV, Nielsen continued, on average watching for 34 hours and 37 minutes a week compared to three hours, 56 minutes online. All of this seems pretty straightforward in leading to speculation that this will be a stronger year for the previously lagging advertising business.

The wild card in the mix, however, is that DVR deployment went up 25 percent in the fourth quarter and now 35 percent of all households (or at least Nielsen households) have the ability to time shift and push through commercials.

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