Early 3D TV ad support a pleasant surprise for ESPN

It's early, but initial signs seem to indicate that advertisers are embracing 3D TV as a format to showcase their wares even though it's definitely more expensive to produce and there is a very limited audience.

ESPN, which launched a 3D TV channel starting with World Cup competition, had limited expectations when it came to advertising. Instead, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network has lined up such backers as Procter & Gamble and Disney's Pixar and is seeing interest from "advertisers outside of predictable categories," according to a story in Broadcasting & Cable.

Ted Garson, ESPN director of acquisition strategy said that 3G ads, which are more difficult and expensive to produce but cost no more to place into programming because they are part of existing advertising bundles, are an important element for companies that want to be seen as "tech savvy." Those companies include high-end automakers like Mercedes and Lexus which are reportedly nibbling around the edges of 3D TV commercial land.

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