Editor's Corner

hspace=5Today I'm happy to announce the FierceIPTV 15 Awards. In that great tradition of prognostication and contemplative reflection, your plucky editor is working 'round the clock evaluating the fiercest companies in the IPTV sector. While there is no formal application process, I'm open to ideas, nominations, rants, thoughts, etc. as always.

Since launching FierceIPTV, I've seen the sector grow tremendously. IPTV is now a regular topic of articles in the consumer press (like today's WSJ) and recent studies show consumers worldwide are becoming aware of the technology and the forthcoming services. Last year, shortly before this publication's launch, I floated the idea of a Fierce15 of IPTV companies to a few colleagues in the telecom industry. Their response: "Are there 15 companies in the IPTV sector?" If you've been to an IPTV conference lately, you know, without a doubt, that's a question that no one's asking.

If we haven't met yet or spoken over the phone, drop me an email and explain how your company is going to radically change the IPTV sector in the year ahead. Note: All Fierce15 award nominees must be privately held. Also, be sure to sign up for our IPTV event IPTV Evolution co-located at Internet Telephony in San Diego on October 11. We'll announce the winners at the event. - Brian